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Hi! I am Jeannie Marie Blaha. I help people Quantum Leap to their Desired Realities & connect to their Angels, Guides & Loved Ones in & out of form.

Jeannie Blaha's Bio:

Jeannie Blaha is the owner of Take a Walk with Your Angels, Inc, which she founded in 2001. She is an intuitive consultant, medium & quantum-leaping co-pilot for clients spanning across the world. She has been interviewed for radio & educational purposes & has provided her services for trade shows, schools, parties, weddings, couples & one-on-one sessions. Jeannie has also served more than 40 years as a professional dog walker & trainer. With her passion for helping people everywhere live on purpose, in their joy & powerful health, Jeannie shares extraordinary healthy coffee, tea & water professionally with those seeking superb product quality & high standards of service.      

Jeannie Blaha's Experience:

  • Network Marketing Professional at Javita

    Sharing leaning & toning, sparkly-brain coffees, teas & waters to help people reclaim and/or empower their health.

  • Founder, Intuitive Consultant, Medium & Quantum Leaping Co-Pilot at Take a Walk with Your Angels, Inc

    Intuitive Consulting, Quantum Leaping, & Mediumship Services for Clients' personal & professional lives across the World.

  • Dog Walker & Trainer at Take a Walk with Your Angels, Inc

    Personalized dog walking & training services for all breeds & backgrounds, specializing in rescued dogs, behavioral challenges, & trauma.

Jeannie Blaha's Interests & Activities:

Angels, Spirit Guides, Intuitive Consulting, Quantum Leaping, Guiding Clients & Friends in Their Quantum Leaping to Their Desired Realities, Helping People Connect with Their Loved Ones Who've Passed, Adopting & Rescuing Dogs, Horses, Eagles, Falcons, Animals, Organic GMO-free Farms, Nature, Outdoors, Lakes, Creeks, Rivers, Oceans, Mountains, Motorcycles, Healthy Coffee/Tea/Fruit Waters, Whole Health, Yoga, Kung Fu Meditation, Daily Music, Singing, Tunnel Singing, Laughing, Smiling, Grinning, Graciousness, Honor, Dignity, Respect, Gratitude, Dedication, Commitment, Tenacity, Pertinacity, Vigor, Determination, Indefatigability, Unstoppability, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Sanskrit, Languages, Walking, Hiking, Biking, Horseback Riding, Horse Ranches, Traveling, Colombia, Organic Food, Gardens, Joy, Peace, Color, Art, Empowering Conversations & Encounters, Spirituality, Encouraging, Fiercely Loving, Believing in People, People Who Adamantly Love, Animals & the Planet, Lit Up Minds, Dreaming, Activating Dreams, Vision/Quantum Leap Boards, Evolving, Learning, Openness, Inspiring Quotes, Change, Better & Better, Win/Win, Compassion, Living Amped Up, & the show Big Bang Theory, because We help Everyone when We All Laugh with Each Other.

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